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Automating a Machining Business with David Wynn

Check out David Wynn as he discusses how to automate a machining business. One of our core values is “Automate Everything”. Humans should not be stuck doing mundane tasks. Humans should be out solving problems and doing tasks that we are uniquely qualified to do. When you have Team members running a secondary they are wasting their uniquely human talent. People need to be out creating.

Ep. 64 – Automating a Machining Business with David Wynn

Running a Machine Shop like a Tech Company

Check out David Wynn on SwarfCast. Talking about the unique way we run our company. It is all about the culture for us.
” You give them the keys to the building and a code”
Here at ABF we empower our people to be self starting. The Team knows what the numbers are and what is expected of them They know how to meet expectations. Our Team is self starters that don’t have to be told what to do. Our Team does not have to be told how to do it. The Team knows what must be done and goes out and executes.

Ep. 63 – Running a Machine Shop like a Tech Company with David Wynn

PMPA Member ABF Engineering and Machining Finds Success in its Product Quality and Internal Software Development

We were featured in an article in Production Machining Magazine. We discuss how we got started and where we are headed with the development of new technologies. Also how much a help the PMPA has been for us over the years. The PMPA has been a big factor in our success.

David and Bill in front of the Haas ST10


TS 16949:2009

After acheiving ISO 9001 certification ABF Engineering and Machining has decided to put TS16949 on our road map.  In an effort to better serve our customers we plan to improve our processes and become more lean.  A large part of this effort is lead time reduction to provide the best quality parts in the shortest amount of time possible.  There will always be room to improve and it is that constant pursuit of perfection that will help maintain our competitiveness into the future.

ISO 9001:2008 Audit Complete

ABF Engineering and Machining has completed our stage 2 audit for pending ISO 9001:2008 certification.  Once all the paperwork is complete we hope to be formally certified by the end of the fourth quarter 2013.  This an exciting time at ABF as we are moving forward by having our QMS 3rd party audited for the first time.  We feel that this will give us more opportunity to secure new business in the future, since ISO 9001 certification has become the gold standard for production shops in the last few years.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

ABF Engineering and Machining is now pursuing the ISO 9001 Certification.  We hope to be finished with our final audit by the end of the summer.  At ABF we strive to remain customer focused at all levels of production and ISO 9001 is just the next step in making our organzation the best it can be.

New Website

We just are now getting our new website up and running.  In an effort to make it easier to contact us and request quotes we started this project.  Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the new layout and features that are to come.  Thanks in advance for your patience.

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified