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Swiss CNC

Swiss technology allows for unique ways to produce complex parts

At ACitizen Swiss A320 Screw MachineBF Engineering and Machining, we know that finding production part solutions that also fit a lean model can be difficult to find.  That is why we offer complete Swiss solutions to make the whole process easy for our customers.  We produce complex parts in one operation reducing the amount of time we spend handling parts and simplifying the process.  With lights out capabilities, we can have rapid delivery while still providing excellent quality.





Our Swiss Machines are ready to run a few pieces to many thousands.

  • 1 1/4” Diameter capacity
  • 24” Length capacity
  • Simultaneous front & back machining
  • Live Tooling for complete part machining
  • High Quality Finishes (as low as 15Ra)
  • Tight Tolerance capability (+/- 0.0003)
  • Excellent for parts with long turns


Live Tooling

Milling, Eccentric Drilling,
Cross-Holes, Cross Tapping

Precision Turning

Holding diameters as close as .0003″ and the ability to do long turn’s of 9″ or more

Example of a swiss part

Swiss part made from 360 brass

Complex Geometries

Sub Spindle pick-off allows complex backend work in one operation. Also broaching, thread rolling and knurling capabilities on both spindles

1 L32 Citizen Swiss Lathe

1 A320 Citizen Swiss Lathe

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